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Little Waltham Parish Council aims to act as a focus of community life by:

* Making representations to the City and County Councils on Planning and Highways matters. As a result of strong development pressure, planning policy, development management and compliance are major preoccupations of Councillors.

* Managing the Recreation Ground in the village, part of which is a children’s play area with various types of equipment. It has won a number of awards. Chatham Green also has its own village green.

* Maintaining two sets of allotments, one at Blasford Hill and the other off the Recreation Ground. These allotments are open to residents outside the Parish. Our Clerk administers the waiting list.

* Appointing representatives on local bodies.

* Taking a variety of other initiatives where it seems to be in the best interests of the local community.

The Council consists of nine Councillors, and none of them is paid. Councillors are required to act in accordance with a Code of Conduct and publicly to declare any interests they may have.

The Council currently meets in the Tufnell Hall at 7.30pm on the first Tuesday in the month (except August). Occasionally, special meetings and public meetings are held. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meetings of the Council. During each meeting, there's a public forum when the public are free to make comments. The meetings themselves usually last just over an hour. At present the Council has no formal Committees. Some informal Working Parties have been established but, as they have no decision-making powers, they merely make recommendations to the Council.

Once a year, an Annual Parish Meeting is held, usually on the first Tuesday in May.

The Agendas and Minutes of the Council are published on the three Council noticeboards (outside the Doctors’ Surgery in Brook Hill, by the bus shelter near Chelmer Avenue, and by the Windmill Motor Inn in Chatham Green) as well as on this website.

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