Have your say regarding Parish Boundaries

Following an initial round of consultation and a report by a consultant Chelmsford City Council is putting forward its proposals to alter a number of Parish boundaries in the Chelmsford District.

Some significant changes are proposed in relation to the current Parish of Little Waltham and it is vital that residents' views are heard either for or against the proposals in the new round of consultation that was launched on 6 October 2021 and is open until 30th November 2021.

You can find all the information, maps, and links to provide your response at the link below but in summary the proposals are - 

To form a brand new Parish for all of the new development north of Essex Regiment Way including Channels which will be removed from the Parish of Little Waltham and added into a brand new Parish area with a new Parish Council.

To remove a number of long established areas north of Essex Regiment Way from the Parish of Little Waltham and add them into the brand new Parish, specifically Domsey Lane, Wheeler's Hill and Cranham Road.

In relation to the area of land behind the allotment site at Blasford Hill, to remove it from the Parish of Little Waltham and add it into the Parish of Broomfield.  This is the area of land earmarked for development by Bloor Homes and the Parish Council has pointed out that the majority of the new houses would fall within the existing Parish and many of those new residents are likely to use the facilities of this Parish including GP surgery, School and pub and thus it is logical for them to be included in this Parish but the City Council has stood by its proposal to remove that area and place it into the Broomfield Parish.

As you can see there are a number of suggestions that will have an impact upon residents and your views will be vital in persuading the City Council on how to proceed.

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