Lend your support to changes to traffic management in the Parish

By far the most common complaint to parish councillors concerns speeding, noisy vehicles and aggressive driving through the village by “rat-runners” (and, it has to be said, certain inconsiderate residents).

We know that the village is used as a rat-run because vehicle counts show that the number of vehicles using the village vastly exceeds the population.

We also know through speed surveys that 60% of vehicles exceed the speed limit – but apparently not by enough for anyone to do anything about it.

The problem is only going to get worse as new housing developments are completed.

The parish council decided to be much more proactive and has made applications to the Local Highway Panel as follows:

  1. To reduce the speed limit in the village to 20mph where it is now 30mph
  2. To reduce the speed limit of Back Lane from 60mph to 40mph from the junction with Essex Regiment Way to the 30mph sign at Back Lane
  3. As a (less satisfactory) alternative to 2. Above, to have a buffer Zone of 40mph leading into the 30mph limit with entrance gates
  4. To have stand out chicanes in Brook Hill and 'wig wags' outside the school
  5. To make the village 'access only' supported by ANPR cameras

The chances of getting everything that we have asked for are low because of budgetary constraints but the parish council is investigating ways in which the imposition of the speed limits in 1. and 2. above could be achieved at minimal or no cost.

If we do not have a satisfactory outcome to our applications, we will have to fight for what we want. The parish council has formed a Traffic Steering Group to concentrate specifically on getting things done on the traffic issue.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. If you are supportive of the measures above, please email your Essex County Council member Mike Steel cllr.mike.steel@essex.gov.uk and copy in clerk@littlewaltham.org.uk so that we have some measure of the support that exists.