Use of Play areas during the Covid 19 pandemic

The tennis court is open and available for use as permitted by Government guidelines in accordance with the Tennis Court Risk Assessment  please make sure that you observe social distancing rules as set out in Government guidance.

The Children's play area remains open for use in accordance with the risk assessment carried out by the Parish Council.  In particular if you allow your children to use the equipment you should follow the rules below - 

As the equipment is not sanitized you should make sure that you wipe the equipment before use and make sure that children regularly sanitise their hands and wash their hands when they get home.

Observe social distancing by keeping your household group at least 2 meters away from other playground users.

Avoid touching your face, eyes and mouth and do not allow children to put their mouths on the equipment

One household group per piece of equipment and if the area is busy consider coming back later

Do not eat or drink in the play area and please dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided or take it home.

DO NOT enter the play area if you or a household member either has Coronavirus or the symptoms of Coronavirus.


Page last updated 16 April 2021