Volunteer to be the Parish Tree Warden!

A few years ago, the Parish Council asked for a volunteer tree warden but at that time there were issues to enable the volunteer to be trained so no further action was taken.

Now, however Chelmsford City Council is keen to encourage each Parish in its area to have a tree warden and the City Council will be looking to provide training and support.

Little Waltham Parish Council is therefore looking for a volunteer!  No experience is necessary – Tree Wardens are champions of trees in the community.  It may be that the warden becomes involved in tree planting schemes or may raise awareness about trees or could be the eyes and ears of trees in the community such as taking a look at trees where there is a planning application to deal with the tree in the Conservation area to help the Parish Council in deciding what representations to make to the City Council.

More information will be provided shortly by the City Council, but initially the Parish Council would like to find someone who is interested in getting involved so if you have a love of trees and a little time to spare then please get in touch!

You can ring the Parish Clerk on 01376 331251 or email her at clerk@littlewaltham.org.uk