Consultations and planning matters

Little Waltham Parish Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process and at each Parish Council meeting considers its response to Chelmsford City Council on planning applications and welcomes the views of residents to inform its response.  Please note that it is Chelmsford City Council that makes the final decision upon such applications.

The Parish Council has just responded in detail in relation to the application by Bloor Homes to develop land at Blasford Hill and the proposal to construct 550 homes and the response can be viewed below.

Response to Bloor Homes application

Chelmsford City Council adopted its Local Plan last year.  Little Waltham Parish Council was fully engaged responding at appropriate times during the consultation process leading to the adoption of the plan and raising a number of issues and objections.  The views of local residents were also sought by convening extra-ordinary meetings.  The Parish Council was also been part of the North West Parishes group which are Parish Councils working together to represent the views of residents.  

The Chelmsford City Council local plan may be viewed at the link below

Chelmsford City Council Local plan.