National Grid consultation

National Grid is consulting on proposals to reinforce the high voltage electricity transmission network from Norwich Main substation in Norfolk, to Bramford substation in Suffolk, on to Tilbury substation in Essex, and connect new offshore wind generation in the Tendring district.   The Parish of Little Waltham has been identified as being in the vicinity of the route and the proposals include building a 400,000 volt (400 kV) electricity transmission line over a distance of approximately 180 km and a new 400 kV connection substation in the Tendring district. 
The scheme to install new pylons was formerly known as East Anglia Green and has been renamed 'Norwich to Tilbury'.

Statutory Public Consultation:

The statutory public consultation opened on 10 April 2024 for the proposals for Norwich to Tilbury.  The public consultation will run for 10 weeks from Wednesday 10 April, closing at midnight on Tuesday 18 June 2024.
The latest interactive map showing how the proposal will effect this Parish can be viewed here.  
Some useful information can be found on the Pylons East Anglia website, which includes:

LWPC Response to the Consultation:

Little Waltham Parish Council discussed the Parish Council's submission to the Statutory Public Consultation at the meeting on 14 May 2024.  The submission was approved and was submitted to the National Grid by email on 15 May 2024: Little Waltham Parish Council response to the Norwich to Tilbury 2024 Public Consultation 


Summary of the LWPC position:

Submission 1 : Transmission line should be run offshore
Submission 2: If submission 1 is not accepted, the second submission is for the line to be undergrounded as it passes between Little Waltham and Great Waltham.
Submission 3: If above ground pylons are to be used in preference to undergrounding then the line should follow the “alternative route”.

Actions and Submissions by Little Waltham Parish Council

The issue was discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 4th July and our response has been filed with the National Grid: Little Waltham Parish Council response Norwich to Tilbury consultation
As a result of further information coming to light an extra ordinary meeting was also held on 1st August 2023 and further more substantive representation were agreed and submitted to National Grid: LWPC Further submissions regarding Norwich to Tilbury pylons
National Grid held a non-statutory consultation from June to August 2023. You can view the Chelmsford City Council consultation reponse to this consultation and the response from Little Waltham Parish Council to Chelmsford City Council.
Councillor Burrow was interviewed on BBC Essex on 24 October 2023, you can listen to the inverview here
National Grid's statutory public consultation runs from April to June 2024.  Councillor Burrow attended the Public Information Event for this consultation, held on 27 April 2024 at the Chelmsford Racecourse.
An article on the front page of Essex Chronicle highlighting the importance of the historical area.
If residents are opposed to the scheme then the Parish Council urges them also to submit their objections.
Previous actions taken by Little Waltham Parish Council

Having considered the feedback of residents Little Waltham Parish Council objected to the proposals within the previous consultation process and the details of those submissions can be viewed below

Little Waltham Parish Council response East Anglia Green

More information can be found in the East Anglia Green leaflet 

National Grid then applied for a scoping report for an environmental impact report and the Parish Council has issued its response: Little Waltham Parish Council response Scoping EA Green

The Parish Council will continue to keep this page updated as the issue progresses.

Page last updated on 15 May 2024